Shipping Container Homes & Structures

There are literally no limitations when it comes to possibilities with using shipping containers in constructing your home, tiny home, business structure, or whatever. In the past several years, the idea of ‘upcycling’ – or recycling an object and turning it into a more useful object – has caught on with shipping containers as they are very versatile and durable. These sustainable lego building blocks allow for us to build any type of structure and allow for almost instant LEED certification. Lower your impact on the environment while building your own unique structure by using storage containers… Plus they’re just cool looking.

Benefits of Building with Shipping Contianers

  • Easily gain LEED certification (tax breaks)
  • Cheap and rugged building blocks
  • Ability to be agile, modular and portable
  • Completely customizable & innovative
  • Wind & Water-tight + 14 Gauge CORE-TEN steel

Contact the team at Overcon Containers to realize your shipping container dream home. We also specialize in custom container solutions. We’ve seen containers become: tiny homes, large homes, growhouses, farms, virtual reality pods, chicken coops, a portable bar, pop-up shops, smoke shack, ski chalet, hunting blind, swimming pool, etc.

What can you think of?

Check out some of our favorite shipping container structures…


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The Overcon team specializes in custom shipping container home design, modification, and construction.