shipping container delivery

Shipping Container Delivery

Intermodal Freight Container Transport & Delivery

Shipping Container Delivery & Transport by the Container Experts @ Overcon Containers

Overcon Containers specializes in last-mile shipping container delivery all over the country. We also have the ability to re-locate and transport containers throughout North America – whether that is moving your container to it’s final resting place, to transporting a container between intermodal shipping yards, and/or moving freight in containers across the country. Our logistics experts utilize our LandStar freight network to facilitate movement of containers across North America. Locally, and in the markets we service, our experienced container delivery experts work to safely place your container in the perfect spot. We have specially made container trailers that allow us to drop a container almost anywhere… However, there are a couple simple things you can do to ensure that your container delivery is perfectly executed.

North America Intermodal Shipping Container Relocation

Since we work closely with nearly all of the big intermodal shipping and leasing companies, we also offer them the ability to move and/or relocate their containers anywhere in North America. Forget the hassle of searching load boards and figuring out freight – at Overcon Containers we can handle everything once the container hits North America – we’ll handle all the logistics with moving and relocating your containers, and will buy them off you once they’re retired.

Shipping Container Delivery for Our Competition

Often one of competitors (who usually broker and purchase containers sight unseen) will contact us to execute their container delivery – a service we’re happy to offer. If you need a container delivered in our serviced markets – contact the experts here at Overcon Containers and we’ll help get your container delivered, competition or not.

Simple Checklist for a Perfect Shipping Container Delivery

  • Instruct Overcon re: direction you’d like doors to face once container is offloaded

  • Measure that there is space for the size of the can (20′, 40′, etc.) PLUS 80′ straight shot out

  • Provide info for on-site contact & site accessibility i.e. gated, height restrictions, timeframe, etc.

  • Clear any and all obstructions and impediments for the driver & the container area

  • Inspect unit upon delivery

If you follow the above guidelines your shipping container delivery will be flawless! Never hesitate to reach out to our professional team at Overcon Containers with any questions or concerns re: your container needs.


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